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Just my personal website, nothing much here yet, some things planned.

I'm mid 40's working in IT as a sysadmin. Struggling with disabilities from a stroke in 2014 and no hope of affording overseas treatment and the Austraian government and healthcare system don't really help people who suffer with problem that don't heal. I had to learn to walk again and lost the use of one arm.

Got interests in astronomy, photography, arduino, robotics, 3D printing/design, model railroading. Many things I do arm aimed at solving difficulties i have from my disabilities as the reality is there is little practical support and solutions, so I have to figure out or invent my own solutions and pay out of my own pocket since the government and insurance never considered me disabled enough to get any form of financial support.

Help Out

If you'd like to contribute towards getting me treatment please go to my GoFundMe page, but any assistance always appreciated.
See: GoFundMe - Steve Needs His Arm Back



email: sjbolton at gmail dot com

bitcoin donations; 1G9AfeJ54ygYHGnpQq126BYZ9mPSkt3qZu

litecoin donations: LabRLsUKwiKgTYycsQVPFezBowt15Kj1zJ