The video that started it all...

About time I tried to add some great content links somewhere. Here i hope is Andy “The Brain Damaged Baron” with his awesome video that says well what life is like for people with brain injuries of any type. Want to know some of the struggle I face daily to remain alive? Watch this video and pay attention. Don’t wait for the twist or punchline, its plain, to the point and honest. Deal with it peopleand stop burdening people who are fighting every second of every day without bitching about it. Living with brain injury is a constant chore whether it looks like it or not, its a very real problem unlike you worrying about what colour clothes to wear. The assumptions people make are vastly wrong and little is accurately communicated to convey what its like as there is nothing comparable in a “normal” life. If you think a few minutes of your time to watch something educational is a waste then you deserve to be stricken with some form of brain damage in your life, and odds are good you will.

See: The Brain Damaged Baron

Another great source of well communicated information to help people understand is The Brain Fairy.

See: The Brain Fairy