Brain Injury Awareness month? pfft

Those of us who’ve suffered some form of brain injury are aware 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year until we kill ourselves of our brain injury and its effects. We dont need patronising politicians using our suffering for their own publicity boosting gains. Why not fucking listen to people who suffer their entire lives with visible and invisible symptoms from their disabilities. Support whats required by all these people, show some compassion and understanding and help simplify not add complexity to our lives. Do some actual good for once. These are issues that never heal or go away on their own in time. The pain and discomfort is constant. theres no off switch or 2 weeks holiday from it a year. So when you take away rights and ad further restrictions its NOT help. We have the same regular “problems” all you selfish assholes have as well as a whole pantheon of new ones we never knew existed. You need to support not force change and progress opportunities.

Since you haven’t a clue you need to start by reading the posts on The Brain Fairy website. She is good at properly communicating the real problems so many people are expected to endure. I have to work full time still and can’t qualify for any existing support. Plus my health insurance that i no longer have refused to help and my government refuses to allow me to access my superannuation savings (my own damn money) so i can seek treatment overseas that they won’t allow me to have in my own country. Yes they all have excuses to hide behind, but moral or ethics? Nope none of that, stuff your useless sympathies, they wont help either. The governmental stance is to keep people alive (regardless of suffering or quality of life) and being passed from one area of the health care system to another around and around. Its all about revenue for the government. They can claim taxes and levies from the sufferers as well as each step in the system they all hide behind. We are officially tortured prisoners. Its a captive system we cant escape and are denied (directly or financially) the treatment that can make us productive contributors to society. Sure there will be scammers just wanting free money but everyone is punished as a result. Hypocritical that all politicians retain their freebies and priveleges always even when their scammers and liers are found out. The whole system is broken and corrupt.