Kudos to Feral Interactive

As a fan of motor racing I enjoy motor racing games too. Though without the use of one arm/hand my options are severely limited. I was keen to see their new release to iphone of grid Autosport however as the screenshots didnt make it clear how the racing controls would work (eg requiring two hands like many developers impose) and the game wasn't available free to try for myself, I sent them an email to clarify control options. To my surprise they actually responded helpfully. And have followed up with some helpful control configuration options too.

Its fantastic service that a support area actually responds and a games company usually never will. To top it off Grid Autosport is the best racing game I've played on Iphone and possibly any platform. Every aspectis great, not just the visuals. The soundscape and racing realism with practice and qualifying sessions for many races really make the race events an immersive experience. Its not an arcade racer lke every other game is (even the most realistic are arcadey in contrast to Grid) and you wont be lapping cars on the second lap, you will have to focus and work at winning. But at least its possible without paying extras for upgrades etc. In fact there is not buying cars or upgrades at all it seems. The game is about YOU the DRIVER. Win races and increase your driver standing and various teams will offer you a seat in their car at various events. This is where you get to drive different cars instead of merely collecting them. Different cars also offer different levels of tuning options to tweak to your driving style. Racing disciplines include touring, endurance, open wheelers and drift as well as others so whatever racing you are into there is likely racing here to please you.

A highly recommended game and developer, its so rare to get good support and Feral have been way beyond what I expected and I wanted to acknowledge that.