Treatment odds longer than rabbit proof fence.

i recently heard from the department of Health (wealth) have refused me being able to access any part of my superannuation so i can get treatment with my own money. So though i wont likely live to retirement age the government will probably keep my super funds to pay for another politicians childs private education. Organised crime in action. That was my absolute final option to chase of my own. Any other option results in being homeless as well as broke. My only chance and a whispy thin one is donations from strangers. And at the rate its been so far its not likely to happen while I’m alive either, certainly doesnt give me much hope to fight on. It seems a trial has finally gotten the go ahead in Australia but I didn’t make it in. Maybe it’ll eventually result in Australian treatments one day, cant hold my breath for it happening in a timely manner. The trials should have happened a decade ago when they were asked for. But again our useless government....     ;(