World War Pink




Adding to my obsession with Egg Scale models (small cute cartoonish style) is this Meng M4A1 Sherman tank. Described as a snap together (or glueless) kit I found I had to use glue too much. It's glueless just like every plastic model kit can be but the parts don't stay put under handling. Plus it's not even trying to approach the engineering the Bandai puts in their truly glueless kits. There is a fair bit of flashing in this one to clean up and some poor placement of sprue runs causing visible whitening of plastic under stress. Since the plastic is moulded in pink plastic and purple rubber tracks some may want to paint anyway. My decal sheet had scratches on the surface (or cracking?) inside its sealed bag that was undamaged. This resulted in several decals splitting on the model immediately, and it took lots of softener to get decals to start to conform to slight surface curve.

Overall it's a cute and quick build. But really lacks quality control and modern production advantages possible. Stick to Bandai and Hasegawa until Meng learn the old corner cutting ways don't work in today's industry.